Bano's Blog A blog on science, life philosophy and everything in between.


Welcome to my blog! I am a Computer Scientist with a deep interest in Life Philosophy. This blog covers the latter. For my Computer Science works please visit my webpage. I also have a blog on healthy cooking.

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What is this blog about?

In this blog, I write on Life Philosophy and its intersection with Science & Technology. The term Philosophy has been used quite broadly here, some of the topics about which I (plan to) write include, for example, physical fitness, productivity, emotional wellbeing, mindfulness, effective relationships, communication skills, research management, etc. Typically, the genre I employ is short essays, but this is not fixed. You'll also find here poetry and fiction (short stories), some of which are my original works while some have been translated from other languages (mainly Urdu and Persian/Farsi).

What is the purpose of this blog?

This blog is mostly based on my experiential knowledge, things that I know through personal experience and intuition. I write to organise my thoughts, and my posts (especially those on life philosophy) are thoughts in progress which may be updated as my thinking on different topics evolves. In this blog I attempt to share what I have found. If any of this resonates with your personal truth, or motivates self-enquiry, great! Otherwise, ignore all of this and move on to whatever it is that fans your flames :-).

What about Computer Science?

If you're interested in what I work on as a Computer Scientist, you can find details on my webpage. In summary, my key area of research is networked and distributed systems, particularly in the context of security and performance. My current focus is blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Prior to this, I worked on information control (Internet censorship and online discrimination), Internet measurement, and malware and intrusion detection.

About Me

My name is pronounced as Shahrbānū (شهربانو‎‎) (Meaning: "Lady of the Land", or "The Princess"). Most people just call me Bano. I am a Pashtun born in Pakistan where I lived for 25 years, before I moved to the UK. I can speak English, Pashto (three dialects), Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi (Limited), Farsi/Persian (Limited), and Arabic (Elementary). I am a solo parent, my wonderful 12 years old boy Shahmeer sometimes makes guest appearances in my posts :-) I like the following in no particular order: weight training, poetry, music, books, plants, yoga, travelling, life philosophy, food, literature, photography, life.


2019 - Research Scientist @ Facebook Novi
2019 - Visiting Researcher @ University of Cambridge
2018 - 2019 Co-founder / Researcher @ Chainspace
2017 - 2019 Postdoc Researcher @ University College London
2013 - 2017 Research Assistant @ University of Cambridge