Welcome to my blog!

I'm Bano, a British Pakistani foodie and a fitness enthusiast based in London. My cooking process is intuitive. Often I take inspiration from other recipes, and adapt them to my taste and preferences. Many, many years ago I completed a 2-month cooking and baking course in international cuisine at Mujahida Academy in Peshawar, Pakistan.

As someone wearing multiple hats (I'm a mother, Computer Scientist, and have another blog on science and life philosophy), my focus is to live and eat healthy in a way that seamlessly integrates into one's lifestyle. Cooking food should be fun and simple—not just another chore!

On this blog I share recipes that are delicious, healthy and simple. I also post go-to articles on nutrition to unpack what's a healthy and balanced diet. Most of my recipes use fresh and wholesome ingredients (vegetables, fruits, dairy, wholegrains, wholefood and healthy fat sources). The meats I use include chicken, turkey, lamb, beef, fish, and seafood. I also enjoy cooking with meat alternatives, like tofu and tempeh.

I love to experience different cultures and cuisines, so my recipes are fairly international. However, given my Pashtun and Pakistani background, there is a distinct touch of Afghan, Iranian, Middle Eastern, South Asian and Turkish cuisine.

I hope you find this blog useful! Many thanks for stopping by.

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